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Hello, I'm AWDfreak, and I am no stranger to Subaru's vehicles. I've joined the forums primarily for informational purposes, and maybe to give feedback and clarification regarding misunderstood topics.

I currently have a 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek, with a build thread on this network of forums, with the link here.

I became intrigued by the Subaru Ascent as it is the successor of the Subaru Tribeca in being a midsize/full-size (depending upon who determines the size category) 3-row crossover vehicle.

It should be clarified that the Subaru Ascent is not an SUV (which are based on a truck-framed platform), but a crossover vehicle (which are based on a unibody platform). So it is in essence, a car with SUV characteristics.

My love for crossovers isn't like the typical consumer. I am not drawn in by preconceived notions of increased space (compared to a regular car-version of the Ascent, if it existed). I am not drawn in primarily for the improved winter-weather capabilities, but rather the blend of off-road capability and competent pavement-handling.

Since the Subaru Ascent is the third of four vehicles released by Subaru so far based on the Subaru Global Platform (the 1st being the 5th generation Subaru Impreza, 2nd being the 3rd generation Subaru XV, 4th being the 5th generation Subaru Forester), I am very confident it is a stiff and safe platform that at least features excellent emergency maneuver capabilities. As I have in fact driven a vehicle based on the Subaru Global Platform spiritedly in twisty, winding conditions, I am aware of the relatively-unknown high-potential handling capabilities of the SGP (Subaru Global Platform). This new platform makes these newer "regular" Subaru vehicles driving dynamics that bear a striking resemblance to the currently-aging 4th generation Subaru WRX sports sedan.

In addition, I am aware, much like Subaru's other crossover vehicle offerings, that the Subaru Ascent features the 2nd-best off-road capabilities in its class. Just as the other Subaru crossovers are 2nd best-in-class for off-road capabilities, it is only Jeep that offers the best off-road capabilities versus Subaru's crossovers.

However, Jeep's offerings have lackluster safety in comparison and somewhat-questionable reliability. The Jeep crossovers have lower-than-average rollover resistance. Some Jeep crossovers, such as the Jeep Cherokee and Jeep Grand Cherokee, feature sub-par safety cages for sufficient protection against a small overlap frontal collision (they fail the IIHS driver side small-overlap crash tests). The Jeep Renegade has an abysmally-bad rollover rating in 4WD form (actually AWD, but marketed as 4WD because Jeep things), and the Jeep Compass doesn't seem to be that great in that either.

As someone who drives spiritedly and values high safety ratings, the higher rollover chance and weaker safety cages that Jeep's crossover offerings eliminate them from my list of potential vehicles to purchase. It's a shame, because I do very much appreciate and envy their off-road capabilities and even their factory skid plates and factory-option rock rails. I most especially envy the fuel tank skid plates standard on their Trailhawk-badged crossover models, which there is no Subaru-equivalent of in the aftermarket (as far as I know).

Now as to what truly attracts me to such an overkill vehicle like the Subaru Ascent, despite having no family to haul around, is the appeal of an overkill vehicle. These attributes for a dream overkill vehicle draw me in:

  • Full-size space (features signiifcantly-more cargo space than my Subaru XV CrosstreK) to fit additional cargo for vacations/trips/camping, improving survivability with such ample space
  • Larger, stronger components can handle spirited driving and severe use much better than a smaller crossover
  • Larger, stronger chassis is more likely to survive severe use
  • High payload and towing-capacity capable of towing another Subaru vehicle is highly-valued for a dream trip that could haul a secondary Subaru for more-fun and a backup vehicle
  • Standard Subaru EyeSight driver-assistance system and other safety features provide a more-confident and safer driving experience for extended, high-risk activities such as road trips to improve the well-being of both the driver and passengers
  • Full-size crossover comparable to competition such as the 5th generation Ford Explorer inspires my dream of a Ford Police Interceptor Utility-like dream build of a full-blown overkill crossover that can handle both extreme spirited pavement driving (capable of surviving harsh track driving) and the light to moderate off-roading that tests the maximum capabilities of a crossover. In short, I wish to make a comparably "pursuit-rated" Subaru crossover vehicle as inspired by various American police vehicles, especially the Ford Police Interceptor Utility based on the 5th generation Ford Explorer crossover.

So my joining is not necessarily like most who simply want more maintenance information or accessory information, but rather technical information helpful to my dream of building a potential total-overkill Subaru crossover with severe-duty on-road survivability, off-road capability, as well as respectable towing-capacity that can tow another Subaru vehicle.

If I do manage to find some way to pay for getting a Subaru Ascent, I am almost certain I will bring about some of the most ridiculous and outlandish modifications anybody could attempt. My Subaru XV Crosstrek build thread features yet a small glimpse of my ridiculous ideas and uses. If I could afford to make those dreams happen, then I would gladly do so despite much potential backlash.

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Where is the Crosstrek build link?

I am a member there as well, only lurking at the moment. I have the same CKE SSP performance bushings and CVT mount insert offerings for the CrossTrek as well.
The link is in the post, but not underlined. For easier clicking, I have provided the URL with link below.

As the build thread has many posts, these four linked posts should clarify the extent of what I mean by "outlandish modifications"
Subaru XV Crosstrek Bilstein B6 struts (yes, really, I spend stupid money for these)

In addition, my household has a roadtrip/secondary vehicle, a 2018 Subaru Forester:

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"It should be clarified that the Subaru Ascent is not an SUV (which are based on a truck-framed platform), but a crossover vehicle (which are based on a unibody platform). So it is in essence, a car with SUV characteristics."

Oh, you mean like a Honda Ridgeline. haha

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welcome to the forums! Looking forward to what ridiculous ideas you have to bring to the table...
Trust me, it's bad.

This was the wishlist I made for a dream build for the old Subaru Tribeca. I colored it white because... it's a bit embarrassing.
My Subaru Tribeca EZ36 (facelift) mod wishlist

* RalliTEK 5EAT Transmission Mount Insert
* custom stiffer engine mounts [or retrofit right D1010FE110, left D1010FE120]
* custom stiffer upper transmission mount "pitching stopper" (engine/trans connecter) [or retrofit D1040FE000]
* replace fasteners of engine mounts with ARP heavy-duty fasteners with applicable threadlock

Lubrication system
* custom external engine oil cooler with thermostat (such as a Greddy Oil Cooler Kit) in addition to stock oil cooler
* custom baffled oil pan
* FA/FB/EZ specific STI Sports Oil Filter P/N ST15208ST000
* normal use: Idemitsu/Subaru Synthetic 5W-30; severe duty: Motul 8100 X-cess 5W40 motor oil (SAE viscosity 5W-40)

Cooling system
* high-pressure radiator cap such as STI Radiator Cap P/N ST4511355010 or Cosworth 20027841 (1.3 bar)/20027842 (1.5 bar)
* Holts radweld into radiator per Subaru's warranty procedures for cooling system (via Subaru Cooling System Conditioner)
* upgraded fans (custom fans with more fanblades to fit OEM cooling system)
* optional external transmission oil cooler (that comes with towing package Trailer Hitch P/N L101SXA100) Transmission Oil Cooler part number D551SXA000 or upgraded, re-routed (external air-to-oil) transmission oil cooler
* custom heavy-duty silicone radiator hoses
* custom cooling-fan programming (for long idle periods) with fan cut-off switch (for deep water crossings)
* fine-mesh integrated radiator guard (mounted behind grille)
* STI Radiator Support Bushings Impreza 2008-2011 [B4510FG000]

Exhaust system
* custom stainless-steel cat-back exhaust with upgraded mufflers
* custom heavy-duty impact-resistant exhaust mounting with skid plates

Intake and supply sustem
* dry high-flow intake filter (STI ST1654621010 or Cosworth COS1 20002278]

Engine electronic
* high-output alternator (preferrably at least 160 amps) such as Large Case Denso Hairpin 230 Amp XP series alternator 230 Amp XP High Output Alternator for Subaru Forester, Legacy, Impreza
* wide open throttle air conditioner cutoff
* NGK Iridium IX spark plugs [P/N LFR6AIX-11, Stock No. 6619, plug gap shipped 0.044")
* custom engine tune or stock

Automatic transmission
* custom stiffer transmission mount [or retrofit D1010FE020/D1010FE000]
** miscellaneous breather tube extensions [differentials, transmission, etc]
* Exedy Friction Technics Catalog parts used for transmission overhaul/rebuild

** miscellaneous breather tube extensions [differentials, transmission, etc]
* rear differential member assembly-front (P/N 41310AG02B used in Legacy too) equipped with Whiteline Rear Diff Positive Power Kit Bushings P/N KDT905
* Bushing assembly-differential mounting R (P/N 41322AG00A used in Legacy too) equipped with Whiteline Rear Diff Positive Power Kit Inserts (rear diff, rear mount to subframe) P/N KDT903 or heavy-duty P/N KDT906
* custom-made torsen rear differential?

Suspension and axle
* custom stiffer overload springs (from custom spring manufacturers such as Coil Spring Specialties at Coil Spring Specialties)
* KYB Excel-G struts [SB105 FRONT BOOTS, 335055 FRONT LEFT, 335054 FRONT RIGHT, 341403 REAR, SB107 REAR BOOTS]
* custom thicker anti-roll bars/anti-sway bars (from custom anti-sway bar manufacturers such as Quickor Garage) with quick disconnect fasteners
* replace fasteners of subframes and miscellaneous suspension components with ARP heavy-duty fasteners with applicable threadlock
* custom reinforced or custom-built subframes
* custom front and rear (upgrade rear support brace) subframe bracing
* Cusco Front swaybar Endlinks Subaru WRX/STI 2002-2013 Cusco P/N [667 318 A] used on front and rear anti-roll bars
* Whiteline Rear Trailing Arm Front Bushing Kit Subaru Models (inc. 2008-2013 WRX/STI) Whiteline P/N [W0568] used on rear hub assembly (known as knuckle bushing/pillow ball bushing)
* custom lower chassis brace (links both ends of front crossmember (like STI Lower Arm Bar) with front subframe)
* custom heavy-duty half driveshafts compatible with stock drivetrain by The Driveshaft Shop

Brake system
* Goodridge G-Stop Brakeline Kit (stainless steel, part number 24217)
* DOT 4 racing brake fluid such as Endless RF-650 Racing Brake Fluid
* Endless CC-Rg brake pads; pad P/N [applicable to any brake lining compound] EP417 front, EP472 rear or Brembo GT brake swap (for BM/BR Legacy/Outback 2.5GT/3.6R) front (black 6-piston slotted front 1M2.8034A1) 1M2.8034A, rear (black 4-piston slotted rear 2P2.8020A1) 2P2.8020A
* custom master cylinder brace
* gold-colored heat reflecting shield wrapping on master cylinder

* retrofit Honda Ridgeline "Cooler, Power Steering Oil", Honda P/N 53765-SJC-A03 or custom external power steering cooler
* Motul Multi ATF
* reinforced tie-rod and other reinforceable material/components stiffened

* custom 18x8 alloy-look-painted steel wheels (preferably with large vent holes for decent brake cooling and Subaru TPMS compatibility) [bolt pattern 5x114.3 AKA 5x4.5, Offset 55 (2.17)]
* regular tires: Pirelli Scorpion Zero 255/55R18
* winter tires: Dunlop Grandtrek WT M3 ROF or Goodyear Ultra Grip SUV RunOnFlat [255/55R18]
* OEM wheel locks w/ spare wheel lock adapters in emergency kit

* miscellaneous unibody welding
* bedliner coated undercarriage (body only, for protecting bottom of body and unibody from damage)
* "stealthy sliders", reinforced unibody lip (for off-road abuse)
* custom front and rear off-road/push bumpers with tow-hooks, winch mount, rubber push-guard, light mounts, etc. mounted to unibody
* custom mechanical rear hatch door-handle connection (interior emergency exit knob, exterior locks like older Subaru models, for when battery is dead)
* custom bulletproof [Handgun/Pistol Protection - T4 (NIJ IIIA/European B4)] ceramic plates, kevlar sheets, and/or bullet resistant fiberglass sheets installed on all doors, hood, tailgate/rear hatch and firewall from trusted manufacturers such as BLS Textiles (supplies Ford CVPI and PI Sedan ballistic plates) BLS Textiles Contact Us or custom installed by Texas Armoring Armored Cars, Bulletproof Vehicles, Armoured Sedans & Trucks
* clear Plasti Dip throughout exterior of vehicle with painted surfaces

Body equipment - exterior
* hidden brake cooling ducts
* custom triangulated strut-tower brace with additional engine bay/front end bracing (such as cowl plate stiffening, triangulated bracing from area near struts to front-end, etc)
* Primitive Racing Tribeca [H6] Front Skidplate 3/16" or 1/2" steel custom v-shaped front skidplate
* Primitive Racing 2010-2013 Outback [5EAT] Transmission Skidplate or 1/2" steel custom transmission skidplate
* Primitive Racing 2010-2013 Outback H6 Rear Skidplate or 1/2" steel custom v-shaped rear skidplate
* 1/2" steel custom v-shaped passenger compartment skidplate
* secondary smaller side rearview mirrors (similar to Volvo police package) mounted on door window frame
* metal mesh fog lamp covers (imitates STI fog light covers that let light shine through while protect lights)
* rally underfender (known as fenderliners or fender liners) mud guard (made of Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene [UHMW-PE]
* Subaru bumper corner molds
* door jam guard (anti-door ding)
* custom blend-in light reflectors (light reflector same color as paint)
* custom rear bumper small low-profile underspoiler/diffuser

Body equipment - interior
* RalliTEK 52mm Oil Pressure Gauge or other
* additional gauges [oil temp, oil pressure, volts, AT oil temp, R.diff temp] by Auto Meter (low-key such as Z-Series Gauges)
* interior fire extinguisher mounts (preferrably under front seats)
* Subaru all-weather floor mats
* custom rear seatback protectors (2nd and 3rd row seats)
* bucket seat reinforcement (anti-stab plates)
* custom/retrofit Panasonic Toughbook hidden storage/charging mount

* upgraded Hella Twin Supertone horn kit (300hz/500hz) P/N 003399801 and/or PIAA Automotive Supererior Bass Horn (330hz/400hz) P/N 85115
* upgraded headlight and fog light bulbs
* US Army blackout (TruckLite) headlights and taillights retrofitted and integrated for near-factory look/undercover
* heavy-duty battery (preferrably at least 720 CCA 70-amp hour, OEM/stock CCA is 490) such as Deka Intimidator - AGM - Valve Regulated [9A35/85]
* heavy-duty grounding kit (8ga cables/wiring) by Paranoid Fabrications or custom
* integrated or external rear fog lights
* Volvo-style integrated Side Positioning Lights, preferably LEDs (allows corners of vehicle to be seen in daytime as well as night)
* integrated, low-profile surveillance cameras throughout vehicle (various angles allow for maximum evidence) such as Pro-Car Cam with DVR
* twin Subaru Baja Sport Activity Lights retrofit P/N H1410LS200 or PIAA driving lights mounted in front of grille
* Subaru Mobile Internet (Autonet Mobile in-car Internet Service) P/N H001SAJ200
* additional power outlets throughout interior

* gas-mask-filtered cabin filter (ABEK-P3, CO, Hg, Reactor, P; one or combination of multiple filter classifications layered), NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) protection

* full-size spare w/ regular tire or winter tire (as equipped)
* complete tool/emergency/EMT/CLS/roadside/hazmat kit w/ USA Level A/Europe Type 1 hazmat suit
* chock blocks and drip pans for parking
* Subaru/Robin R1700i Inverter - Silent Generator

additional Accessories
* hood protector
* front bumper underguard (w/ bedliner product)
* bumper corner molding-rear (2 pair)
* rear bumper cover
* security system shock sensor
* detatchable trailer hitch
* Subaru severe weather companion
* luggage compartment cover, black - retractable
* cargo net, rear
* cargo net, rear seatback
* compartment separator/dog guard
* rear dome/reading light (w/ custom additional low-key red light)
* auto-dimming mirror/compass
* cargo tray - gray, 7 passenger
* crossbar kit, aero
* heavy duty roof cargo basket
* battery warmer
"It should be clarified that the Subaru Ascent is not an SUV (which are based on a truck-framed platform), but a crossover vehicle (which are based on a unibody platform). So it is in essence, a car with SUV characteristics."

Oh, you mean like a Honda Ridgeline. haha
I actually love the Honda Ridgeline. In fact, our household has the 1st generation model, with aftermarket skid plates and G-Loc R8 racing brake pads. No, I'm not joking. The **** thing has even been through Usal Road of the California Lost Coast and even Moab, UT and it has the exhaust pipe scrape to prove it.

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Trust me, it's bad.

This was the wishlist I made for a dream build for the old Subaru Tribeca. I colored it white because... it's a bit embarrassing.

I actually love the Honda Ridgeline. In fact, our household has the 1st generation model, with aftermarket skid plates and G-Loc R8 racing brake pads. No, I'm not joking. The **** thing has even been through Usal Road of the California Lost Coast and even Moab, UT and it has the exhaust pipe scrape to prove it.
I was not dissing the Ridgeline, just mimicking the same rhetoric truck owners say about how weak the Ridgeline is, because it is not body on frame. I have owned 2 Ridgelines: 2008 and presently, a 2017. ROC on.:grin:

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This is awesome. I’m really far out from my relatively tame car modding days, and back then a good friend who autocrossed always had something fun to talk about.

Following to live vicariously through your process!
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