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So this past weekend we had a park playdate with a group of friends, and needed to give one family a ride back. I was super excited to be able to test the comfort/capacity of my 8 seater!

We had 2 preschoolers (forward facing) and one infant in car seat, plus 3 adults, a stroller base (not small) and a bunch of bags. Luckily I had my extra carseat already in the car, although not installed.

Here's how the config worked:
3rd row: forward facing carseat in 3P; 3D & 3C folded down to accommodate stroller & bags, mainly bc they were already folded. Could have left those up and had space in the cargo area for stroller, TBH.
2nd row: adult in 2D, forward facing carseat in 2C, infant rear facing seat in 2P
2 adults in front

Given that we were trying to leave at the end of an afternoon with somewhat cranky kids, everyone was super impressed at the flexibility & easy configuration.

Was quickly able to get the 3P seat up and carseat installed there (seatbelt plus tether) with no probs, and kiddo seated in back. At the same time, got 2nd kiddo seated in 2C carseat (already installed, seatbelt plus tether). Then got the infant installed in 2P with seatbelt per manufacturer recs. The adults were able to pop bags/stroller in back and off we went after 5-10 mins, which could have been even shorter if we weren't saying goodbye to other families.

For a longer trip I would put up the whole 3rd row and leave the center position free in the 2nd row, but this worked great and preserved flexibility while still accommodating the installed 2C carseat for my kiddo. So glad Subaru offered the 8P option!
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