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I was the 2nd Ascent buyer at the dealership May 2018 with a surprise delivery of July 2018. I have never owned a Subaru and waited 2 years for the Ascent while looking at Honda, Volvo, Mercedes, Audi, Toyota for anything comparable. My only problem is 6 windshield cracks (3 spread, 2 windshields replaced so far) in less than a year. I can't be that lucky or I would have won the lotto. The first incident happened while I am driving home from picking up my brand new Ascent, no construction or trucks nearby, I hear a faint splat on the driver side and thought it was a bug. Less than 5 minutes later it spread to midline. 2 dime size cracks and a tiny linear crack all on the driver side followed a few months later, and the 2 recent cracks that spread both happened back to back 2 weeks ago. I'm really starting to think that there is something wrong with the glass Subaru is using. I been driving for 4 decades and have never dealt with this many windshield problems. I realize that for about 98% of the year I have been driving my new Subaru, I have been looking through a cracked windshield. I have lodged a complaint to my insurance company and with I'm starting to wonder if I did the right thing buying a Subaru. By the way, I will be replacing my windshield for the 3rd time in 2 weeks but will be trying a non dealership vendor.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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