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5th Subaru

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Hello Everyone, I've owned 5 different Subaru's in my lifetime (mostly wrx's and STI's) and recently preordered the Ascent Limited in black. Excited to see if this car lives up to the hype!
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welcome like you I am from the WRX\STi world, but our new family car is the 19 Ascent.
It says a lot about a brand when someone can pick from two ends of the product line and still be happy, here from sporty to pure practicality.
Good choice going Limited, any lower and the Ascent starts to look like a model that came out years ago, closer to the Rogue Sport timeline.
Totally agree, limited and touring would be my only choices although the premium model always is Subaru's value leader in any model. In pics with cloth interior it looks pretty drab but I have to see one up close to make that conclusion
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