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New to the forum. Last Saturday I bought the wife a 2019 Abyss Blue Ascent Touring. Had been looking at all sorts of cars, short list was a Ford Edge ST, 2020 Explorer ST, 2020 Outback XT a Volvo XC60 or the Ascent. Decided on the Ascent due to dealer proximity, the 3rd row seat, immediate availability and the fact it was a Subaru. Ascent was a planned impulse buy due to a great deal.

Last two cars the wife has owned include a 2005 Forester XT manual Premium and a 2015 Forester XT Touring. Bought both new.

Upgrade list will include a hitch and a set of winter tires. Plan to swap winters onto the factory wheels, get a different set of wheels for either the factory tires, or maybe something more performance oriented. Still in the process of getting to know the car.

Look forward to getting to know the community!



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