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2nd Row Bench or Captains Chairs

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Which would you choose?

I don’t know that we’d need the extra passenger space of 8 vs 7, and I kinda like the easier access to the third row between the Captains Chairs. Want to see in person how the load floor compares with the different 2nd row options and if there would be an easy way to bridge the gap left between the Captains Chairs when folded flat.

Also, if we were to go with the Touring model, that’s Captains Chairs only.
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Depending on pricing of trim levels

This will be a tough decision for my wife and I to decide, or rather me. I think the wife is sold on the bench seat for 2nd row while I am a coin toss away from deciding. However, I think it is depending on the pricing, the touring model is what we want which only offers the captain seats in the 2nd row. Is that correct? So if the touring model fits our budget, our decision will be the captain chairs otherwise we will go with the bench seats probably.
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