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Went for a week visit to my brother in Fort Worth from Phoenix. Woke up at 6am and drove straight there. Got there by 10:30 (my time) so 16.5 hours total including fuel stops and 2 quick meals. It rode so well and was comfortable. We weren't even very sore when we got there.... tired, but not sore.

Had a really nice visit, then drove to Austin for a day and then the next day drove back to Phoenix from Austin.

On the way back, had a heck of a head wind. That combined with triple digit speeds on the I10 west meant I was only getting 12mpg! But once the wind died down the mpg went back up. Averaged 20mpg for the trip, which given the higher highway speeds isn't bad at all. A good portion of the trip was over 90mph.

Once again, the Ascent saved my bacon! My girlfriend was driving out in rural AZ near Globe and there were cars, but not heavy traffic. She looked over at me after my phone beeped and just then the Ascent did it's mad beep and 4 red lights. She immediately slammed on the brakes and just missed hitting the car in front of us! There had been an accident ahead with the road blocked and the 70mph traffic went down to 0 immediately! Eyesight warning and BIG brakes meant we had about 1 foot to spare!

That's the 3rd time in 6 months Eyesight has prevented an accident.

So after another 2,400 miles I'm up to 15,000 miles in just 6 months. I'm going to need a new one soon! :rofl:
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