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2023 Subaru Ascent Build in Maine: Questions Inquiries and Discovery

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We are a family of 3 making the transition to an ALL Subaru family (2015 OB Premium w/Leather). We have been overlanding/car camping/adventuring in Maine for the past 2+ years with a 2017 SR Tundra fitted with old man emu, Rola racks and a 23Zero RTT. It has served us well but has shown limitations in range, fuel economy and the realization that we are not going "hard" into the back country.

We are awaiting our 2023 Premium Ascent. We have been gathering new gear for the build over the winter and look forward to final orders when we get word the Ascent is on its way.

Here is what we have planned:
Alpicool T50LG Click Here to See it Received
Spider No Drill Roof Rack Click Here to See it Received
Ralli Tek Load Springs Front and Rear See the Front Springs See the Rear Springs Waiting
Ralli Tek Skid Plates Front/Mid and Rear Diff See the Skid Plate Kit Waiting
Yokohama Geolandar G015 AT See the Tires Waiting

Our dealership is enthusiastic about helping install all the Ralli Tek parts and Tires. I will be taking on the roof rack install (wish me luck).

This will be a big and exciting change from our Tundra. Much of our current overlanding/camping kit will be moving over to the new build: water system, cooking, navigation, storage, medical, etc.

What we are interested in:
Electrical...with adding the Alpicool fridge, coming from a 145 Rtic, what battery mods should we be looking for. We have seen A LOT of options, but what is the simplest cost effective way to support power consumption? New battery/battery group?

Torq Locker...We will have the Premium so we only get one set of X Mode (Snow and Dirt) Not Deep Snow Deep Mud. Has anyone run the Torq locker in an Ascent?

Lights...Light bar option with new rack for sure, but we are ditch light people. Brackets made for the Ascent? Best affordable LED lights? We are coming from KC Apollo Pro Halogens.

What are we missing, thoughts?

Gratitude from Maine
IG: @griffonpointoverland
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I can't wait to see this!!! Oh, and I know I haven't done a follow up recently, but my Aplicool Dual Zone is still running great, even with all the weeks of using it in the desert!!!
To your question about the TorqLocker

Available as of late last night!!!
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