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Am I alone in seeing this?
iPhone is connected via cable and apple car play seem to be connected.

I place a call via the button on the wheel (example “Call my wife”) siri answers back to me and dials the number.
We talk for a few minutes and suddenly it seems like she hangs up on me.
the display still says the call is in progress.

I can’t hear anythin. So I hang up and redial the same way as before... ask her if she hung up? She didn’t, she says she heard me saying “hello... hello?” as I thought the call was disconnected.
So it would seem the car turned off the incoming call sounds?

so I left the phone connected and used the phones internal speakerphone function to complete my call and it worked fine. So it would seem to be isolated to the head unit.
I have not attempted this via Bluetooth as I want the apple car play functions.

:mad: Very annoying on a car with less than 1200 miles on it.

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That’s kinda good news. Maybe next patch will fix it. Thanks all!
agreed that I wouldn’t hold my breath. 2-3 iphones, a few operating systems and a few different vehicle systems.
It never happened often, but it did happen and seize up the systems. Had to hard reset both phone and car to get back. Annoying for certain.

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most common WiFi calling to Cell reconnect
Unless something has changed, that one will likely remain for technology reasons...the industry hasn't found a clean way to hand off a call between a private Internet connection (WiFI calling) and a local tower as there's no IMS signalling pathway. The same issue existed for microcells even when both the wireless carrier and the Internet service carrier were the same entity.
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