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Hello from Seattle. We started looking for a 3-row SUV a couple years ago after our 2nd child was born. We realized that a larger vehicle will be needed with another kid, older one getting involved in soccer, and family visiting from time to time. Originally, we narrowed it down to Pilot and Pathfinder (we've owned several Nissan cars). Then last year, the Ascent debuted and it peaked our interest. Saw it at the auto show and then test drove it. It was impressive and checked every box we have. It's a perfect fit! We couldn't quite make it work since my wife had just changed job and we want to make sure all goes well with that before we take on more debt with a big car purchase.

We finally got all the ducks in a row and brought home a Red Limited with Tech this past weekend. WHAT A BEAUTY! We look forward to all the family adventures and memories we will make in the Ascent for years to come!

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