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2020 Ascent Service Manual V8

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This is not another asking for the FSM, I am getting the $35 / 3 day access later tonight. I'm looking for info and tips.

I think the old thread is outdated:

Several people mention V5 and that its in multiple files, however searching last night, it seems like there is only 1 2020 Ascent Service Manual V8. Does anyone know if that is downloadable as one big file once I login? OR is it the 'live' HTML version that once I get into it, is still multiple files?

I'm going to get the body repair and Electrical Systems Diagnosis manuals too, of course. Any advice on what other files I should get while there? (looking for advice on the best files for the average tinkerer to get - not what files you want me to grab for you ;))

Any other advice on how to make the most of my 3 day access?

Bonus question: Why do the FSM Update files look like they were scanned with a potato? They are at least free, I hope to find some PDF software to rebuild the FSM with the updates in correct places.

Thanks in advance!
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If you're good at web hosting, scripting and a little bit of coding, you could probably replicate it on your own server. But, other than to PDF each section, which looks kinda horrible, online access is the most straightforward method of using it.

And, yes, they were scanned with a potato. :ROFLMAO:

I haven't seen the latest drawings, but, colorizing parts of black and white drawings or lower res 3D renderings turns out what results we got. I find they're quite fine if you drill down to follow where you are.
i was considering updating 2019 web copy to 2020 ... not sure how many changes it got and its really worth $35-70...
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