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2020 Ascent Service Manual V8

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This is not another asking for the FSM, I am getting the $35 / 3 day access later tonight. I'm looking for info and tips.

I think the old thread is outdated:

Several people mention V5 and that its in multiple files, however searching last night, it seems like there is only 1 2020 Ascent Service Manual V8. Does anyone know if that is downloadable as one big file once I login? OR is it the 'live' HTML version that once I get into it, is still multiple files?

I'm going to get the body repair and Electrical Systems Diagnosis manuals too, of course. Any advice on what other files I should get while there? (looking for advice on the best files for the average tinkerer to get - not what files you want me to grab for you ;))

Any other advice on how to make the most of my 3 day access?

Bonus question: Why do the FSM Update files look like they were scanned with a potato? They are at least free, I hope to find some PDF software to rebuild the FSM with the updates in correct places.

Thanks in advance!
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I need to get on this as well. I had the full set of PDFs for my 2016 OB. Dreading going on the site and doing this.
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