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2019 with 80,000 miles needs exhaust manifold? Dealer can’t get the part?

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My Ascent started making a ticking noise that I assumed was valve or injector related. I took it into the dealer who found a crack in the exhaust manifold. Thankfully I bought the extended 100,000 warranty however it has been nearly three weeks and the local dealer can’t find the part. They claimed to have escalated the matter, but as of today they still have no idea on the status of part. Two questions… has anyone else had the manifold crack? And what has been your experience getting replacement parts? We all know the supply chains were terrible last year but I would have hoped things had improved by now???? I am contemplating replacing this Ascent next year but given the poor service at my local dealership, I am also considering changing brands.
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why not contact SOA directly and open up a case. Ask them to personally find the part and give you a date it will arrive. The information you provided in the post is lacking details regarding whether the dealership has done their due diligence. If they have gone through all the channels to get the part and it can not be found then it is not their fault. I am not sure why you think they are providing poor service (unless there are other issues).

Depending on the location and size of the leak, I might be concerned about fumes entering the cabin. Have that properly evaluated. If it is leaking in, I would have Subaru provide a loaner until they get the part and have it repaired. I would personally be all over Subaru, not the dealer. If necessary I would escalate it until they provide a date. Remind them you purchased the gold plus and expect excellent service even if they can not get the part due to extenuating circumstances.
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Thank you for the recommendation. Perhaps I will try SOA. My displeasure with the dealer is the fact that I have called them multiple times every week for a status update. The advisor is never there and has only returned my phone call once out of seven attempts. This is shockingly poor customer service.
I agree. If they provide customer satisfaction surveys, you might let the service manager know. If they do not, you might simply email the manager noting your displeasure.
Where is the crack? I wonder if it’s possible to have it repaired (welded) by an exhaust shop without removal?
As a temp fix until the full replacement can be done
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