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On Saturday when I stopped in to try a coffee cup in the drink holder, I ended up talking to the sales manager.

He checked on my order and said it probably wouldn't be early because they are having trouble getting the 20" wheels. I said I'd be happy to take delivery with 18" wheels, and he said that he'd recently talked with the zone manager about whether SOA was willing to make that a patch for this year or would wait until next year.

I made a face and said I certainly didn't want 20" wheels if this was going to be the only year that had them. After that, he just said that everyone is aware that this is a problem and that they are looking for solutions.

Most typical Subaru buyers would actually be better off with 18’s any way. It puts more tire between you and the rough stuff. There are more tire options regarding snow tires etc.

The 20in wheels are more of a city slicker thing.
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