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2022 Ascent Onyx, Ice Silver
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There was one obscure set of steel wheels that fit the Ascent, and it's no longer easily available it seems. Every other one tested failed to clear the front calipers.

So, my bet is they won't fit.

Also, either the hub bore or the offset is very wrong (71.5)
  • Hub bore should be 56mm.
  • Offset should be 55mm inset.
That alone would make me skip them.
I believe Tribeca wheels will also work. Proper offset, load rating, etc. But scarce as well. I went with a set of mint condition Ascent Premium 18s, guaranteed to work and they come up on Facebook Marketplace pretty regularly. I paid $200 for the set. I've seen pix of them powder coated black, and they look good, but I'm happy with the bright finish.
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