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We bought an Subaru Ascent Premium a few weeks ago and now have about 800 miles on it.

I've been driving it VERY gently -- accelerating slowly, not speeding, keeping RPMs low, paying attention to fuel economy meter as I drive, etc.

The best mileage I've ever gotten on a tank (according to the average MPG on the dashboard) is 20.4, and that was mostly long (60 min +) highway trips with no traffic.

We just refilled the tank after an average amount of city/highway driving. The dashboard said 17.2 for that trip, but we calculated 16.2.

We live in California, but in a normal suburban area (not city). It has been hot here, and I do run the A/C when I drive, but I don't think that should make this much of a difference, should it?

We did get a tow package with trailer brakes installed on our car a couple days after purchase, but we haven't been towing anything, so that shouldn't make much of a difference, should it?

I'm so upset about this, as I was sort of okay with getting low 20s for gas mileage, but I'm not okay with getting 16.2 mpg.

Is there anything the dealer can do?
Same here … we have been getting 14 mpg in the city. It must go to the service shop. The more of us doing it the better. Maybe Subaru will wake up and understand that Ascent is a big turd when it come to mpg.
101 - 101 of 101 Posts