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In the thread titled “First Towing Experience”

Member norway notes in post #10

"And a note, as others have said, be careful of the clips left on the fascia that the cover toggles go into. Once the cover is off they can pop off easily and should be removed before driving off."

Yesterday, I did not remember norway’s comment, and remembered member MAGNUMB’s comment in post #11 of the same thread.

“I've held these in place with some hot*glue*and they don't seem to be going anywhere.”

Even though MAGNUMB’s comment is post #11 in the thread, I didn’t see it, as I am only displaying 10 comments per page.

Not being a fan of hot glue, I used Devon 2-ton Epoxy to secure my clips.

That was not to bright of me!!!

After doing that, I realized that the best procedure would have been to remove the clips, put them in a ziplock bag and keep them with the hitch cover.

Headslap! Duh!

Oh, well, too late now.

I’ve put this post or Robert Mauro’s here for future reference.

The quarter turn fasteners are part number L101SXC700.*
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