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Drive thru light shows are popular this time of year and the Ascent has great features to make it more enjoyable for the driver!

Starting out along the path there was no traffic so I turned on X mode and let off the brakes until I was going about 3 mph. After that I could just let go of the brakes and the Ascent’s hill descent took over to maintain 3 mph on level ground! It required adding a little throttle to make it up a hill but the hill descent doesn’t care if you’re actually going downhill or not. I could hear the brakes activating periodically to maintain the low speed.

Running into a traffic jam at these light shows is inevitable as well. Good thing we have ACC! Note that ACC doesn’t work in X mode so disable that first. I also recommend setting the cruise control acceleration to ECO and following distance to max beforehand for a smoother, more pleasant experience. Engage your cruise control, make sure the green dot stays illuminated, and the Ascent does the rest... except steering... don’t forget to steer since LKA doesn’t work at such low speeds!

I hope some of you get to try these features out in a similar manner. Here’s a link to a video where you can see the lights, including the green eyesight hud light. Enjoy!
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