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This vehicle has enabled so many family adventures. The cargo and people capacity is the best as far as I’m concerned. I took my family of 7: 2 adults, 5 kids “camping” this weekend on the eastern shore of VA. I didn’t do any calculations but between the 4 bikes on the hitch, the passengers and all the gear on the roof we had to be close to GVWR!
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Do you have the middle bench seat or captain's chairs?

Where did the three and two kids ride?
I have a middle bench. From left to right in the middle
Row was rear car seat, 13yo, high-back booster. Rear row had 2 11yo’s.
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I salute your packing skills! There is no way I could fit 5 kids, especially some 'little' ones, plus gear in our Ascent(premium bench like yours) even with our Thule car top carrier. We would probably have ended up with a Suburban size vehicle.
Funny you said suburban sized vehicle. That’s the nearest competitor to the Ascent as far as I’m concerned in regard to utility and cargo space. My wife is keeping an eye open for something that size because her Kia Sorento just doesn’t compare!

The fact that we reserved a ”yurt” that included bedding really helped with the packing. Had I needed to include a tent and sleeping bags the kids would have been really uncomfortable having those in their laps for 2 hours! 😂
How was the 'yurt'? I have only seen them on tv or youtube. My wife loves going into the woods, just not STAYING in the woods so traditional tent camping has always been a no go. If I could promise her a bed with clean sheets at the end of the day... I might have a winner. :)
I’m all for the primitive camping… just not with these kids!
I think the clean sheets depends on the campground. They were clean when we got here. They won’t be changed until after we leave on Monday, so the cleanliness is wholly dependent on the user!
The yurt did work out well. It was HOT when we arrived but it had airflow thru it so it was tolerable. That evening it rained and we stayed dry, then the temperature dropped so it’s been very comfortable. There’s a spigot behind it and electricity inside. Overall with this many kids it’s been a win in my books!
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Works just as good in the tight spaces of NJ mall parking lots as the dirt paths into the woods.
Tight spaces? Ain’t nobody taking my spot!

The local carnival has almost no parking available. Had I not lined up for and taken that spot I likely would have circled the parking lot 4 more times (exactly what the kids said when we got out, remembering last year 😂)
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