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NGL; I misread at first and thought you packed all the field-tents in there and I was amazed. Then I re-read and comprehension dawned.

Looks like it was a great time!

I'm not sure why they are calling those yurts. I recognize that you used "yurts" so think you agree. ;)

Yurts are round with a hub in the center that locks the celling rafters together. Hot night? Roll up the walls a little bit and the center vent will chimney hot air right out. Rain? Put an umbrella up the center vent and open it. Weight or tie it off to keep in place. Very comfy to sleep in, but not so much bug proof.

I have a 10x10 canvas pavilion center pole tent but it only gets used for special occasions. Canvas is just a pita to do short term camping with. The hardwood poles are cumbersome as well. Also not bugproof, which has become a much higher priority thing with the wife-unit as we age.
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