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  1. Modified Trailer Cover for Bike Rack

    DIY And How To
    Inspired by @Robert.Mauro YT video, I created my own hitch mount cut out. Using a razor, I created grooves on the inside of the plastic cover; then I used my Dremel to cut the piece out. I was a slow and dirty process but as you can see in the pictures it looks like a new kind of OEM part. The...
  2. Which U-Haul trailer should we tow?

    We pick up our new Ascent Limited in the next few days - can’t wait! Then we need to reserve a U-Haul cargo trailer for a cross-country move (MA to WA). We’re trying to decide between the 5x8 trailer (empty weight = 900 lbs; max load = 1,800 lbs; GVW = 2,700 lbs max; no brakes) and the 6x12...