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  1. Subaru Ascent Shopping - New & Used
    Hi all, Ordered our '23 Ascent Touring (white with black interior) at Liberty Subaru, NJ. OTD price including taxes, etc came to $53,855. Is there any website (failcat equivalent) for Subaru where we can track the orders, with the order number, etc that we were given? Just curious. Thanks!
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello -- 10K miles on 2021 Ascent Touring. Other Subarus are 2017 and 2018 Outbacks. Got the Ascent to replace Chevy Suburban for a people hauler and scouting activities. Does great on gravel / dirt roads. Wish the XMODE would not disengage above 20. Haven't towed anything yet, but reviewing...
  3. Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    For the last few weeks my 2020 Ascent Touring has been hiccupping while I listen to Spotify (music & podcasts). Doesn't happen with other streaming like YouTube. Took it into the dealership and they updated the media electronics. (?) It still skips on mine but not the tech's Spotify so he...
  4. General Discussion Forum
    Love the 2020 touring but have some concerns about the Java color leather seats holding up with kids. I am switching from a sedan/car with light gray leather seats which has been pretty forgiving when wiping off all sorts of icky kid messes. Anyone have input on how forgiving these java brown...
  5. General Discussion Forum
    My questions are, do folks agree this is a good idea. Payment goes up $150/mo but I’ll have something to show for it. Question 2 is, which looks better with the java brown, red or white exterior? (We may end up in a limited just because of the black interior anyway). Thanks!!
  6. Towing
    We looked at the GeoPro 19QB & 19BH (lacking build quality but great layout) and the Lance 1685. We know the 1575 can be towed behind our 2019 Ascent Touring but the layout is lacking for us. Quality excellent but no sink in, or easy access to, bathroom??? We really like the Lance 1685. Do...
  7. General Discussion Forum
    Is this normal behavior? Is there a setting? 2020, Touring, just got it. I've had power sunroofs since the 80s. Not all of them have had auto close, but, 100% of them, when you tell it to close, fully close. This one just goes to the vent position, then you have to take the extra step to...
  8. General Discussion Forum
    Curious to know what tire brand was on your Subaru Ascent Touring edition when you purchased your vehicle.
1-10 of 10 Results