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  1. DIY And How To
    Trying to install primitive Racing front skid and cannot find the turbo cooling duct which needs to be cut and moved. These instructions come with photos from 1897 so I cannot gather anything from the instructions. Currently sitting under my ascent typing this in frustration as Primitive is...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Welp figured I’d join the rest of ya on here if you have questions on my build head to my website, it has the list. I’m not online as much as I was so my response time isn’t as fast so I apologize Bad link removed - Administrator
  3. Features And User Interface
    1. I have a tendency to have my foot slightly on the brakes when backing up. Probably a habit I developed backing up in tight spaces. Does the RAB(Reverse Automatic Braking) work in this case ? Or does it work only if the foot is completely off the brakes ? 2. I have the same question for the...
  4. General Discussion Forum
    I made this because of constant complaints about the Ascent’s cup holder being way to big and awkward. External link removed - Admin.
  5. Bet you haven't seen this

    The salesman had one of these limited edition promotional "Lego" sets sitting in his office, completely unopened. He had no use for it so gave it to me when I bought my 2020 Ascent Limited
1-8 of 8 Results