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  1. Features And User Interface
    Hello so I just purchased a new 2021 crosstrek and while at the dealership I was told to download the mysubaru app and with that they showed me how to remote start my car with the push of a button on my phone. It worked perfectly for the next few times that I needed to start my vehicle. However...
  2. Features And User Interface
    I've been through all types of documentation, but cannot seem to find out how my Ascent receives info from my mysubaru app. I know you can get a cellular connection through ATT, but I don't subscribe to that. So, when I say "Locate my car", or "remote start" how does the car actually receive...
  3. General Discussion Forum
    My Ascent was hit in a parking lot, rear ended by another car backing out. They weren’t detected on any sensor because they weren’t moving when I started to back out. I was essentially stopped (ready to head forward) when it happened. No sensors went off when they were about to hit me and...
1-3 of 3 Results