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  1. Subaru Ascent Complaints, Issues And Problems
    Ok. My 2019 ascent engine locked up 2-3 weeks ago and finally after tearing down the engine they said there was oil in all cylinders. They said this was possibly from the turbo? can someone shed light onto how this may happen? Does this mean complete engine replacement ? How does oil get into...
  2. Service And Maintenance
    I know that there is whole life oil in the CVT Gearbox. But as my previous Outback with CVT I wanna chnge oil in the CVT in my Ascent Touring 2020. Anybody know which oil is in the gearbox and which volume? thnx in advance for any info
  3. Service And Maintenance
    * I'm not being paid or otherwise compensated for sharing this product * Hey everyone! I searched these forums before sharing this information and found no mention of the ValvoMax. I'm sharing this product because I have it on my 2019 Crosstrek and 2015 Impreza. After our initial "Maintain The...
  4. Service And Maintenance
    Debating with spouse whether every new car comes with break in oil. i was planning a change at 1K but that triggered this question. Anyone aware if our new babies come with ordinary oil, or “break-in”’oil which would make an early oil change less desirable?
1-4 of 4 Results