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  1. Towing
    On a scale of $0 to $400, how much of a pain is self-installing the OEM hitch on my 2021 Touring? I’ve seen the videos and some other posts about this (mostly just arguing about the superiority of the OEM hitch over something you’d get at U-Haul — okay you convinced me), but can someone who has...
  2. 21ED39FE-D8EF-45AB-8271-0314DBD0A84E.jpeg

    Subaru tow hitch installation with wiring and brake wiring
  3. Subaru Ascent: Likes And Dislikes
    How has everyone adapted to the shallow pin hole? I can’t install a cover I have, and my bike rack adapter sticks out a couple inches.. is this a ploy for Subaru to force use of all things OEM? Any advice would be helpful!
  4. Towing
    Hello Everyone 😎 I am not a car mechanic (full disclosure) but was able to install an OEM hitch cover myself with no help. I also took suggestions from this forum (different threads). So this is my way of giving back to community…. There is an excellent YouTube tutorial. Please give all...
1-4 of 4 Results