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  1. Subaru Ascent Shopping - New & Used
    Vehicle: 2022 Subaru Ascent Touring 7-passenger, I know the 2023s are coming out soon with the refreshed exteriors, but I do need a vehicle sooner than that, plus I don't really care if mine is one model year behind. Breakdown: MSRP $45,945 Port add-ons $1,078 Destination fee $1,175 Total...
  2. Subaru Ascent Shopping - New & Used
    Those considering lease buyouts now are in a great position given the typical residual value compared to market value. Some manufactures restrict your ability to sell your leased vehicle privately and then some dealers, wanting the profit from the difference between market and the...
  3. Subaru Ascent Shopping - New & Used
    Is the option to buy out a lease going bye bye? today's reality of the market value of a leased vehicle being much more than the residual value seems to be impacting new lease terms and options for buybacks. I would also suggest that this is impacting the negotiations for total loss valuations...
  4. General Discussion Forum
    My questions are, do folks agree this is a good idea. Payment goes up $150/mo but I’ll have something to show for it. Question 2 is, which looks better with the java brown, red or white exterior? (We may end up in a limited just because of the black interior anyway). Thanks!!
  5. Subaru Ascent Shopping - New & Used
    Hey everyone. We have a 2019 Touring Ascent and we love it. We are about halfway through the lease period, and plan to buy it once the lease is up. What kind of rates, length, and terms should we expect? Anyone have any experiences they want to share? We put down $7500 when we leased it, if...
1-5 of 6 Results