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  1. Eyesight
    I did my first long drive in my new Subaru Ascent of almost 500 miles in the last couple of days. I experienced many of the features like Lane centering and Adaptive cruise control and found them to be awesome. At the same time, I wish to share couple of my experiences with these two features...
  2. Features And User Interface
    I have a '21 Touring and I use the Adaptive Cruising quite a bit. I very much enjoy the self-steering that keeps the Ascent centered in the lane, and I fully understand that this isn't a Tesla and requires monitoring by the driver. The BUT is that I tend to rest my hand(s) on the steering...
  3. Features And User Interface
    I know this has been discussed to the point of overkill but I felt it needed a new thread due to some new information. I have many contacts at Subaru and I talked with one who had gone to the training for the new 2020 Ascents. They were told the new 2020 has the technology for Lane Centering...
1-3 of 3 Results