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  1. 0.9% financing for 60 months available on the 2021 Ascent

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    The rate went from 1.9% yesterday (7/31) to 0.9% today (8/1). And the 2020s are still available at 0% for 63 months. Seems like a great time to buy an Ascent. Note that the 2021s seem to be priced higher out of the gate. I’m seeing about $1500-2000 higher on the Touring trim than the 2020s.
  2. With 0% for 63 months, thinking about ending lease early to buy new

    General Discussion Forum
    My questions are, do folks agree this is a good idea. Payment goes up $150/mo but I’ll have something to show for it. Question 2 is, which looks better with the java brown, red or white exterior? (We may end up in a limited just because of the black interior anyway). Thanks!!
  3. Post-Lease Financing Terms?

    Subaru Ascent Pricing, Dealers, Orders and Purchas
    Hey everyone. We have a 2019 Touring Ascent and we love it. We are about halfway through the lease period, and plan to buy it once the lease is up. What kind of rates, length, and terms should we expect? Anyone have any experiences they want to share? We put down $7500 when we leased it, if...