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battery drain

  1. Dead Battery issues - What I've learned in two years

    Subaru Ascent Complaints, Issues And Problems
    Quick summary: 2019 Ascent Touring with RPG (rear power gate), now 22 months old; to Dealer 5 times for dead battery issues (including for one week on his computer looking for ghost draws). Examples of my dead battery causes: rear gate open over night; rear rubber mat slid under rear gate; car...
  2. Potential Newb

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    Hey there! I’m considering purchasing an Ascent. It’ll be my first Subaru. I’m coming from a 2004 Toyota Highlander with 243k miles on the original transmission. I have had almost zero problems with this car - the blend door actuator broke and I replaced the master switch for the windows. Other...
  3. How to Reset System After Battery Dies

    Forum Member Reviews
    I have learned that the lift gate is an issue if left open. I found this while camping. So i jumped the battery but now every yellow warning light is and lift gate won’t open. Anyone know how to reset the system as that is what I assume needs to be done?
  4. Power Rear Gate System - Wiring Diagram

    Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    NOT ACCEPTING COMMENTS AT THIS TIME I will try and keep things simple. Do not comment on this thread until I have finished with my posts. There will be several posts in this thread, broken up into logical sections. If someone posts in this thread before I am finished, I will stop sharing the...