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  1. Features And User Interface
    I just saw a video indicating that the 2023 Outback addresses the AVH default screen AVH settings. Based on this I strongly suspect the 23' Ascent will do the same. While Subaru continues to default AVH to off when engine turns off, you no longer have to press two screens to turn it on. The...
  2. Subaru Ascent Complaints, Issues And Problems
    2019 Ascent Premium, 18K miles. I don’t know if this is normal or, if not, how long it’s been this way. Due to a bus schedule change, I occasionally drive about a half-mile to the bus stop. I shut off the engine and park facing uphill on a slightly non-negligible hill (not steep enough to...
  3. Subaru Ascent Complaints, Issues And Problems
    Hello! I’m new here. We purchased a 2019 Ascent a few weeks ago, and I’m loving it. One of my favorite features is AVH (although I don’t use it all that frequently living in a very small city). Out of nowhere, it stopped working. The AVH light comes on when I press the button, but after coming...
  4. New Member Introductions
    I have had my Abyss blue Limited for a week. Still learning all of the electronic features. Tonight when I was going to leave a parking lot, the Ascent would not move forwards in Drive. After 5 minutes of mystery, I buckled my seatbelt and the SUV then went forwards. Not sure if this was...
1-4 of 4 Results