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  1. 2020 Ascent Premium - White with Black Interior

    Planning to give this the full stormtrooper/offroad setup
  2. Considering Purchasing: Premium-14- Interior Trim (Beige?) Faux Carbon Fiber Concern

    2019+ Subaru Ascent General Discussion Forum
    Considering getting an Ascent, its down to either the a Limited 23 or a Premium 14, I just want the Sunroof, plus the kids love it. I would prefer the Premium for the most part, however i hate the look of the Carbon fiber trim they use on the Dash, does anyone know anyway to replacee this with...
  3. 2019 Ascent Limited Pearl White

    2019 Ascent Limited Pearl White

  4. Future Ascent Buyer with a couple questions on '19 vs '20 and H&K package and pricing!

    2019+ Subaru Ascent General Discussion Forum
    Hi there, So our family has decided to go for the Ascent Limited as a replacement for our aging '04 Odyssey as in the next couple years will blow its transmission to pieces (Honda transmissions are awful from this era) 1) Do you personally think the moon roof package is worth it? We currently...
  5. White Ascent Touring

    White Ascent Touring

  6. Subaru Ascent

    Subaru Ascent