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  1. General Discussion Forum
    Is this normal behavior? Is there a setting? 2020, Touring, just got it. I've had power sunroofs since the 80s. Not all of them have had auto close, but, 100% of them, when you tell it to close, fully close. This one just goes to the vent position, then you have to take the extra step to...
  2. General Discussion Forum
    Considering an Ascent. Read the nightmare reviews about transmissions. Have they been corrected for 2020s? Have there been enough Ascents sold that the transmission problems would be considered statistically small or somewhat rare? thanks
  3. General Discussion Forum
    Considering getting an Ascent, its down to either the a Limited 23 or a Premium 14, I just want the Sunroof, plus the kids love it. I would prefer the Premium for the most part, however i hate the look of the Carbon fiber trim they use on the Dash, does anyone know anyway to replacee this with...
  4. Features And User Interface
    I know this has been discussed to the point of overkill but I felt it needed a new thread due to some new information. I have many contacts at Subaru and I talked with one who had gone to the training for the new 2020 Ascents. They were told the new 2020 has the technology for Lane Centering...
1-4 of 4 Results