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  1. Subaru Ascent Complaints, Issues And Problems
    I read a bunch of threads about the CVT issues that the 2019 Ascent has... Mostly to see that we weren't crazy, that something in fact was wrong and to veryfy the noises we were hearing. I just wanted to share our situation with you. 2019 Ascent Touring - around 38K miles. Bought it the day it...
  2. Accessories And Add Ons
    I need to replace the third row passenger and driver side seatbelts in my 2019 Ascent. COVID puppy thought they were fun to chew on. Subaru is going to charge $950 to replace them. The seatbelts themselves only cost $70/each. Has anyone done this themselves? I’m very handy, my dad was a...
  3. Ask An Owner (Subaru Ascent AMA)
    This was from the interior of 2019 Subaru Ascent. Black Plastic Believe from interior (Driver side?)Stamped with G8915008 >PP< A Thanks!
1-4 of 4 Results