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  • Chelanjan ·
    Hi seem to be the expert! I'm picking up a new Rpod next week. I've read and talked to enough people about it and decided no on the WDH and hold off on the anti sway bars. I was in Wenatchee talking to a salesman at the local Subaru dealership and he said turn the AVH button on and that will stabilize the car. That make any sense to you?

    packout ·

    Do you happen to have any information regarding the functional problem with Starlink boundaries? I can set new vehicle boundaries both from a desktop and the app, but there is simply no link to edit them as described in the tutorial. I end up with notifications for boundaries that are no longer relevant and no means to delete them. I had created an earlier post but no replies as of yet.


    [email protected] ·
    Saw your post re: a fix for am/fm presets not working....XM seem to hold fine. Can you share your fix? My dealership said there is not a software update yet. Thanks!
    kathytn ·
    Someone is selling passports, driver licenses, social security cards etc. on this site. He posted 3 times. I reported the posts to Admin and also sent copies to my local police department to send to proper authorities. Kathleen Smith

    jamesam469 Junior Member Join Date: Mar 2019 Posts: 3 Buy Passports, ID Cards, Driving
    glawsond ·
    Thank you Robert. I'll definitely decline the "anti sway control" device that Casita is offering

    And, thanks for all of the info about the Traction Control/ABS system. I still have a lot to learn about my new Ascent, and about pulling a trailer with it!

    In your message you said you have reached out to them. Do you mean the people at Casita?
    glawsond ·
    I'm purchasing a 2019 Casita Spirit Deluxe that weighs 2,600 lbs with a hitch weight of 365lbs that I will be pulling with an Ascent with a factory-installed hitch. I know Subaru instructs users not to use a weight distributing hitch (as do you), and your comments of 1/13/19 indicate that one should not use a sway control hitch either . The folks at Casita are recommending that I use what they call a "friction anti sway control". I'm new to towing and want to make sure I'm doing the right thing to be safe when pulling our trailer. Anything you could do to enlighten me further would be appreciated.

    Also, you mentioned the anti sway response system in the Ascent. I've tried to find more information about that system but have come up dry. Again, any additional info would be appreciated.
    k5hdu ·
    I am now at the dealership. My Tom-Tom map no longer works and they say it needs an update ! Well the map should work without the update. They tried to give me the same instructions you and I both have, but I told them I was unable to transfer the data from the PC to the thumb drive. So I have one of the supervisors to go home with my thumb drive to see if he can transfer the data. So if this doesn't work, I will have a non-functioning map!
    JimRatliff ·

    Do you have a brother named Mike. Before I retired we had a software company in Fairfax VA named Mike Mauro. I'm not sure about how he spelled his last name (too long ago) but thought I would ask.
    And would like to say I appreciate the job that you do on the forum. Very patient and helpful.

    k5hdu ·
    I have followed the user manual but after the download to the computer, USB drive is inserted and I check the drive box, nothing happens after that. There is no "start installation" or no notice data loss risk. Nothing is transferred to the USB drive.
    k5hdu ·
    I am trying to update my 2019 Ascent map and noted that you had some instructions. I have followed the instructions but when I get the point to select the drive, I place a new 32GB thumb drive in and check the box. It is recognized and shows 28.87 GB free of 28.87 GB. Nothing happens after that point. Any suggestions to complete the download ?

    [email protected]
    sedsubarunewbie ·
    Hello, are you still wanting to swap wheels from 20" to 18". I just bought my Ascent Premium and have less that 700 miles on my Premium wheels. I would be willing to swap with you no matter how much mileage you already have on your 20" wheels.
    Wrightflier ·
    Robert you seem to be well informed with most everything Subaru. I traded my 17 Outback Touring for an Ascent Touring and am very happy with my decision. Do you have any idea why Subaru discarded the low profile roof rack on the Ascent?

    Jared_ ·
    Hi Roberto,

    I just watched your "How To" video on YouTube regarding upgrading the reverse/back-up lights from stock to LED. I also plan on upgrading the marker lights, based on information from yours & Stillmotion's post/video. I'd like to upgrade the front/rear turn signals as well but don't know which led bulbs to purchase, nor how to access. Any light you can shed (pun intended) is much appreciated!

    Kevin Williams ·
    Heh, thought it's too bad you are on the east coast and I'm in the desert SW as we seem to have a lot in common!

    Always glad to see your posts on here as they are well thought out and informative!

    My 11 year old son and I go nuts for Star Trek, Star Wars and Dr. Who.

    I'm also a big Subaru fan. On my 5th: WRX, Impreza, Outback, Outback, Ascent!
    jgervais16 ·
    I know this is probably answered in the threads somewhere, but I figured you have the most wheel experience on the new vehicle, so I'd be best going straight to the source.

    I am looking at getting 18s (maybe a 17) depending on your experience for a bit more aggressive tire. I'm putting winter tires on the 20s and will hang onto them and swap wheels.

    I don't want the 18s off a base / premium and am looking at aftermarket options. Most have a much lower offset (40-42 at best). What do you think the lowest offset that would work on a 17 or 18 without a spacer. Thanks!
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