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  • Robert.Mauro ·
    I like both Tire Rack and Discount Tire Warehouse, but, unlike Tire Rack, Discount Tires does list the load rating of each rim, making it the better place to go.

    That being said, both of their customer service departments are stellar, so, if you do find something on Tire Rack, simply email or call them and ask them to look up the load rating.

    Tire Rack has the better online order/account system (you can create an account and look at all your orders and so on), but what Discount Tires lacks in an account based order system is more than made up for with their stellar customer service (and in testing so many rims and buying my tires, I contacted them a number of times for info, returns, etc).
    Robert.Mauro ·
    Hi, I'd strongly suggest as close to 55mm as possible. On 18" rims, there's a very decent selection of 45mm and 40mm.

    Personally, I wouldn't get anything less than a 40mm offset, as that starts to stick past the wheel well arches, which will cause even more drag (and is illegal in various states), but that's just me.

    And now the bad news...
    - "What do you think the lowest offset that would work on a 17 or 18 without a spacer."

    The wheels are spaced away from the center of the vehicle, so, a spacer only makes things worse. Going from a +55mm offset to a +40mm offset moves the wheel 0.59" away from the centerline (farther from the strut and closer/past the wheel well arch).

    Here's a neat calculator to help you decide.
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