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  • RainDog ·
    Like quite a few others, I managed to set up the wrong login name. Can I change it to RainDog?

    Foveator ·
    Hi Admin,

    Just wondering......

    Do you any delete messages that don't show the Ascent in a good light? I posted a comparison of the Ascent to my 2004 Toyota Sienna a couple days ago and wanted to update it (better for the Ascent). I can't find it anywhere.


    PS I think this forum is an invaluable tool for new owners of a first of its kind unproven vehicle.
    jerr7 ·
    Please help me im a new member (Today) i made a mistake when i filled out my info to subscribed n in the user name i put my email address instead of user name (jerr7 ) It should read user name jerr7 and my emails as info to be sent on that is it possible to have me or you change
    gerard curry
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