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  1. Eyesight not working

    Features And User Interface
    Thankful for this thread. Not sure of its always been this was when I bought the car a few weeks ago or I just never noticed it change but eyesight seems to be greyed out on the drivers info screen where it shows the entire picture of the car with the safety systems... while all other safety...
  2. WeatherTech floor mats- available immediately?

    Picked up WT mats for 2020 Ascent and couldn't be happier. Still waiting on 3rd row which is slightly delayed but 1st 2 rows fit great
  3. WeatherTech floor mats- available immediately?

    Ordering 2020 Subaru Ascent Premier WeatherTech mats for $375 Canadian (281 American) cash price. Anyone have thoughts on which of one of the 3 color options available looks nicest?
  4. Patiently waiting for mine to be assembled

    Subaru Ascent Pictures