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Subaru Audio Systems?

Subaru audio systems have been pretty lack luster and I know we shouldn't expect much from it but I'm hoping that take a look at it.

Having sat in a buddies BRZ even with the upgraded Pioneer audio, it was pretty weak. Yeah the screen was nice but that was essentially it. The speakers provided little to no bass at all and the tweeters were a bit too overpowering for the mids.

Are you anticipating a good audio system or do you just not really care ?
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Honestly, how a car performs and feels is more important to me than the audio system. So long as it sounds halfway decent, it doesn't really matter to me, unless the factory system sounds like it's vibrating at certain frequencies. I hate that sound and will change it out for something aftermarket if needed.
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Performance of a vehicle is always ultimately the most important. But there are many other things to consider when purchasing a vehicle that all add up to become an overall decision so this is something to consider at least in my opinion but I see where you're coming from.

OEM audio vibrations are a big pet peeve of mine though. Having plastics start vibrating in the car when bass hits really erks me and a lot of times, dealers will just fix it trying to use some sort of 3m adhesive rubber thing which is annoying as heck.
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I am hoping it will be similar to the Forester Harman Kardon premium package, it actually sounds decent (After adjusting the EQ) and the deck isn't bad. I also don't think it really needs a dedicated subwoofer either as there is enough bass or maybe I am just getting too old haha.

The base audio though is terrible in the Forester/WRX...haven't heard it in the BRZ though so I am sure it is the same. I feel like the premium is just average/right, it didn't always use to be like that.
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I think all of their base audio systems are absolutely terrible haha. You need the premium audio systems to give you a "decent" sound quality but still short of good if you get what I mean.

Hopefully we can get away with simple speaker replacement opposed to complete overhaul.
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Always been a fan of Pioneer audio, so post-delivery I will be looking into brands like that for my own personal setup. Won`t be anything special, just off-the-shelf speakers from my local Best Buy or independent audio shop.
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Pioneer speakers are nice, but I think they're a little over-rated and over-hyped which shows in their prices compared to other brands like clarion and cerwin-vega. If you want some real good quality, step it up to Focals, but they can get really darn pricey.
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